hi ho

I quit my job!

To be a full time blogger! Just kidding, that would be a disaster, I have no will power. Instead I am going to be a self-employed film producer. But, again, no will power. I have spent the first three days of my new life watching dated Oliver Stone movies and contemplating my mortality after several hours of 22-year-old Charlie Sheen. Ok, yikes.

So, the good news: I now make my own schedule. I can go to Sweetgreen when there is no line and SoulCycle at the time of day when only trophy wives and socialites are there.

The bad news: I am living in New York with no income. Which means no Sweetgreen or SoulCycle. Or, it would if I were a reasonable human with a basic understanding of budgets, but I am a white girl in my late 20s and I would move into an abandoned warehouse in Bushwick before giving up $15 salads.

 The other bad news: every person I have met in my adult life was through my job and they are all still there. It is like I just went through a break up and every single mutual friend took my ex’s side (which, incidentally, is what happened to all my college friends). And I work out of my apartment now, so I will never meet a new person again.  

But some more good news: previous social expenses, like alcohol and Ubers home after going out in Greenpoint, have become a total non-issue now that I have no friends.  So in a way this whole unemployment thing is a good business decision. Right? 

Everything is going to be fine guys!!

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