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Update: Hertz Don't Play

I’ve been in a state of high anxiety over returning this banged up rental car. Unlike Walnut Creek’s greatest mountaineer, I opted for so much extra insurance I’m pretty sure I could come back with just a steering wheel and be ok financially. But I was just really dreading having to explain to a rental agent that it didn’t occur to me to write down the other car’s plate number because I am a fake adult and basic things like that don’t occur to me and also I was running late for a hot yoga class and had no time to make a whole thing about it.

But, she cut me off before I even got to “fake adult” and said, “Honey, Hertz don’t play. He can’t hide forever, we’ll get him.”

And then, “Thanks for using Hertz! Have a good day!”

Honestly, Hertz forever.

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