hi ho

New York Perks

The law of New York says that if you put up with a week of true, miserable hell, you will be rewarded with a Beyoncé sighting. 

This is real. 

I can trace all three of my run-ins with Beyoncé I have had in New York to my three worst weeks in New York.  Once, in 2013, recently dumped, and twice in 2015, overworked and truly sick, she has appeared.  On the sidewalk, at my work, at a party, I can’t keep listing because, as I mentioned, this has happened only three times to me.

So relax, guys, if you are down.  If you are sick, if you are in your 19th day of a UTI (like I am, this is a thing), if you have just put in your fifth 90-hour week in a row, just know: she is coming.  And Jay-Z is probably with her.


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